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Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care Review

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Hello everyone. I would like today to review the suncream that I use around my eyes, the Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care with SPF 30.

I am always on the lookout to prevent more of those pesky fine lines from appearing. I have used this Clarins eye suncream for the last 2 years, and it helps me feel like I am protecting the skin around my eyes.


The cream is packaged in a little squeezy tube, with a twist off cap. It is easy to control how much product comes out.


The white cream is fluid and easily spreadable. I have noticed that sometimes I have a white cast if I do not blend the cream well, however it does somewhat fade after a few minutes. In fact the white cast helps to diminish the look of dark circles and uneven skin tone around the eyes, so it is not all bad. However I would say that the product is not moisturising. I usually apply my eye cream underneath, for a matte (slightly satin) finish. This cream works well under makeup.

The picture above is a picture of how much cream I use for one eye (half a pea sized amount). You can see that I have rubbed in part of the cream into my skin, and it blends well.


The cream is made with 100% mineral filters, which may explain the slight white cast. It may also explain why the cream causes me no stinging or problems, despite me applying the cream all the way up to my lash line.


On first glance, a 20ml tube for £13.50 seems pricy. However I use this cream daily, and it lasts me a good 6 -7 months. I feel like I am adequately protecting my eyes from the  sun and I wish I had found this gem earlier!


First Haul Post

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I received in the post today a box of Frownies, and an Emu Oil eye cream. I’m really excited to try them out!

I have wanted to buy the emu oil cream for a while now, as I have read that it helps with under eye problems. I want to try the frownies on my forehead, in the 2 areas directly above each of my eyebrows. I don’t have any lines at the moment but I do often have headaches when I wake up in the mornings. I think this is because I frown and screw up my face when sleeping. Now at age 30, I notice that my forehead moves a lot when I speak or make expressions. When I was in my early 20s, I swear it was hard to even move my forehead (or that if I moved it, it was not noticable).

Below is a picture of the instructions that come with the frownies.

I have to admit that when I received the frownies, I was a little disappointed as the box is so small! They are expensive, so if they work well I may experiment with using microfiber tape (as others have suggested). The emu oil seems good value for money, as you get 25ml.

I will write reviews of these products after I have used them for some time.

It’s beautiful weather in Zürich today, it feels already like summer.  The temperature reached the mid 20s last week.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex Review

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Sorry for the long title!

I love this serum. This helped me 3 years ago when I noticed very faint fine lines on my forehead. It worked it’s magic and my skin looked plump and glowing from within.

I bought this serum a couple more times afterwards, but it is expensive at £39 for 30ml. I am hoping my new bottle will work the same magic around my eyes/nose.

I bought the 30ml bottle from the pharmacy last Thursday, and I am pretty excited! I have used this serum everyday since in replacement of my Frei Hyaluron Aktiv cream, and so far so good.

The serum comes in the iconic brown bottle.


Below is a picture of the instructions that came with the serum. You may click on the picture for a bigger view.


The bottle has a pipette, and you can control precisely how much product comes out. I love the pipette as I know that the remaining product is fresh and untouched.

The serum is a pale yellow colour. In the pictures below, it look pretty much like oil but it is not. It is a light gel consistency, and it works very well in plumping the skin. I believe this is because of the hylauronic acid.

I will keep you updated of the results, but it is really plumping up the skin around my eyes. I have not yet noticed much of a difference to my lines, but I hope they will diminish (or at least not worsen).

ps, you may be wondering why I am not using the eye version of the range. This is because I have tried it in the past (on 2 separate occasions) but it did nothing for my skin. In fact I think it makes my eyes look worse, as I think I may have had an allergy to the ingredients 😦

Keratosis pilaris

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Hello all. I would like to talk about keratosis pilaris today. It is a skin condition that affects 40% of the world’s adult population (including me).

So what is keratosis pilaris?

It is a skin condition, also called chicken skin. The symptoms are rough bumps on the skin, that are raised and sometimes red. They usually appear on the upper arms and the thighs, although they can appear anywhere, where hair grows. The bumps can be mild, in which case they are hardly noticeable. Or they can be more pronounced, in which case it looks like goosebumps. The bumps are actually keratin, and they form within the hair follicle.

I have keratosis pilaris on my upper arms, and I have had these bumps since I was a child. In fact, I cannot actually remember ever having smooth, bump free upper arms. My bumps are worse in the winter, I think because the air is dryer, and my arms are always under layers of clothing.

For me, I am sometimes embarrassed to wear short sleeved tops (I hardly ever wear sleevless tops).  I also have scars and pigmentation from where I used to pick the bumps (grim I know). Within the rough bumps, there is sometimes a hair follicle trapped, and when picked the white hard keratin can be removed. However for me the scarring looks worse than the bumps.

So what can be done?

Many resources suggest using a moisturising, exfoliating cream on your skin. Examples include

  • chemical exfoliant e.g. lactic acid, to smooth the bumps
  • moisturising cream with urea to hydrate
  • manual exfoliation e.g. scrubs
  • retin A
  • sunlight

I have in the past used heavy mositurising creams but they always left my arms with that sticky feeling (think Eucerin Urea creams). Though the bumps on my arm did lessen, I did not like the heavy sticky feeling it left.

For the past 3 months, I have been using the following regime. I use vitamin C serum every evening to chemically exfoliate. I also manually exfoliate in the shower with a microfibre cloth about 3 times a week. After all that I smooth on my AHA cream. I am also thinking about using yoghurt as a mask every so often.

The AHA cream that I use is by Palmers (picture and ingredients list below). It is a really nice light cream, and it works well. However the smell is not the most pleasant, but it works and it is non greasy, and that is all I care about! It costs around £4 a bottle.

(click on the picture to see a larger picture of the ingredients)

 My arms today look the best that they have for years, and I think I am no longer so embarrassed to wear short sleeved T shirts 🙂

I am so happy but I still have far to go. I would like to document my progress on this blog. Below is a picture of how my arms look today.


I would love to hear of the methods that you use, in keeping the keratosis pilaris under control. Please feel free to leave a comment 🙂


Save my face pillow review

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Hi all! A couple of days ago I received a Save my face pillow. I am so happy as I have wanted to buy this for such a long time!

I have the La Petite Champagne pillow. Though there is a larger, fluffier pillow also on sale called Le Grande.

The pillow is a really unique design of two crescents, and it was made for side sleepers. The idea is that you can sleep comfortably on your side or on your back with this pillow. In fact if you bend this pillow in half, and it fits around your neck. It can support your neck as you read in bed…… though I think this is only possible with La Petite.

I looked into special pillows, as I am trying to diminish my nasolabial folds and lines around the eyes. For the last 2 years, I have noticed that I am sleeping more and more on my side. I literally squish my face into my pillow when I sleep, otherwise I am just not comfortable!

I’ve used this pillow for the last 4 nights and I love it. My head fits snugly in the middle, and I feel extremely comfortable! I am not tempted to move to my sides as much now. But when I do feel the urge, my head fits really nicely in the crescent. It is perfect as my face is no longer squished into the pillow. It is instead held snugly by the crescent and somewhat ‘suspended’. However I must admit that my head does not move perfectly into the crescent when I am sleeping. In fact I think I wake up briefly to arrange the pillow.

Also this pillow is made in a satin material. This type of fabric is best for the skin and the hair as the skin and hair glides better over satin. There is less resistance, meaning less damaged hair and less wrinkles!  

I bought my pillow from an ebay store in the US. I bought just the pillow itself, no pillowcases. The pillowcases are in fact extremely expensive and cost almost as much as the pillow itself. I am not handy with a sewing machine or I would attempt to make one. I have been using the pillow as it is, as I think you can simply wash the pillow in the washing machine at 30 degrees in a mesh bag (click here)

I cannot imagine sleeping without it! Highly recommended.

My Current Regime

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I like to keep things simple. I wear water resistent sunscreen daily, so I use an oil to cleanse it all away in the evenings. I am currently using only simple products to try to keep my skin as unstressed as possible, and it seems to be working so far as my akin is looking ok.

Over the coming weeks, I hope to add some extra products to help with the dehydration and the fine lines under my eyes and nose.  

This i what I am currently using


  • Frei Hyaluron Aktiv Hautpflege tapped around the eyes and smoothed on the nasolabial folds
  • Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care High Protection SPF 30 around the eyes
  • Soltan Once 8 hr Sun Protection Moisturising Suncare Lotion 30 SPF all over the face and hands


  • Grapeseed oil massaged in before showering to melt away the sunscreen
  • Microfiber cloth 3 times a week to gently exfoliate
  • Vitamin C serum all over the face and neck, applying around the eyes twice a week only
  • Frei Hyaluron Aktiv Hautpflege around the eyes, nasolabial folds, and other dry areas as needed
  • Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturer all over the face
  • Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm

The Frei Hyaluron Aktiv Hautpflege is a light cream (almost a gel) containg hylouraonic acid. It has worked well for me so far but I feel like my fine lines are still getting worse. I think I will try again Estee Lauder Eight Hour Repair Serum as my skin loved it. It is expensive, but I want to buy it again afer the Frei runs out, and try it under the eyes/nasolabial folds. 

I have already tried the new formula Estee Lauder Advanced Repair Eye Cream (as well as the old formula), but it did nothing for my skin.



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Hello, my name is S and I love all things skincare. In fact you may say I am obsessed! In this blog, I would like to share with you my thoughts on various skin creams and lotions, and the ways in which I try to remain looking young. I am 30 years old and the battle has begun!

I am from the UK, currently living in Switzerland. So I will talk about the products from these 2 countries.

Looking forward to sharing my new finds with you soon! x