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Humidifyer to help dry skin

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I have wanted to buy a humidifier for a long time now, in the hopes to lessening the stress on my skin whilst in my flat. I have these fine lines under my eyes and I hope that a humidifier would prevent them from getting worse. I have learned from research that when the weather outside is very cold and snowy, the humidity indoors can drop dramatically.

I have only lived in Switzerland for 2 years, prior to that I have always lived in the UK so my skin is used to wet and overcast weather 🙂 The Swiss weather is in my opinion harsh to skin. It is low humidity, and the sun is almost out everyday.

For the last week, I have put open bowls of water in my bedroom, so that the air is somewhat more hydrated when I sleep. My bedroom has high ceilings, and to be honest I am not sure what help a cold bowl of cold water is. It would be better for me to use hot or steaming water, so that the air humidifies faster. However I am surprised at how much water has evaporated in a few days. To be honest I haven’t noticed a huge difference to my skin. But by using this, my save my face pillow, my eye creams and skin cream, my skin looks more plump and hydrated.

I am still on the lookout for a humidifier, and I definitely hope to buy one before the winter comes.



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