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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex Review

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Sorry for the long title!

I love this serum. This helped me 3 years ago when I noticed very faint fine lines on my forehead. It worked it’s magic and my skin looked plump and glowing from within.

I bought this serum a couple more times afterwards, but it is expensive at £39 for 30ml. I am hoping my new bottle will work the same magic around my eyes/nose.

I bought the 30ml bottle from the pharmacy last Thursday, and I am pretty excited! I have used this serum everyday since in replacement of my Frei Hyaluron Aktiv cream, and so far so good.

The serum comes in the iconic brown bottle.


Below is a picture of the instructions that came with the serum. You may click on the picture for a bigger view.


The bottle has a pipette, and you can control precisely how much product comes out. I love the pipette as I know that the remaining product is fresh and untouched.

The serum is a pale yellow colour. In the pictures below, it look pretty much like oil but it is not. It is a light gel consistency, and it works very well in plumping the skin. I believe this is because of the hylauronic acid.

I will keep you updated of the results, but it is really plumping up the skin around my eyes. I have not yet noticed much of a difference to my lines, but I hope they will diminish (or at least not worsen).

ps, you may be wondering why I am not using the eye version of the range. This is because I have tried it in the past (on 2 separate occasions) but it did nothing for my skin. In fact I think it makes my eyes look worse, as I think I may have had an allergy to the ingredients 😦


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